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DriveOK™ Consumer &
Teen GPS Tracking

GPS Teen Tracking Benefits:

  • Know where your teen driver is at all times with unlimited continuous tracking
  • One of the lowest cost GPS tracking systems for parents
  • Instantly locate your vehicle in between regular locates
  • Disable your starter to prevent vehicle theft
  • Unlock your doors via telephone or the Web
  • Track anywhere in the USA and Canada
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

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What Parents Are Saying

"After my daughter had been driving for just a few months, she got a speeding ticket - going 82 in a 55. She had no idea she was going that fast. I knew I had to do something to keep her and others safe. I remembered a seminar I had attended where the state troopers had discussed products such as yours.

After spending a few days researching different manufacturers online, I decided yours looked like it had everything I was looking for. I can't say enough good about the GPS system that I installed in her car. It has accomplished everything I had hoped - it is effective in helping to monitor her speed and keep her safe. In addition, rather than panic if she is past curfew, I am able to check on her location. When I see the car is moving I can relax and know she has not had an accident and she is on her way.

Although she was extremely upset originally when she learned of my plans, she was extremely happy when we went to court for her ticket. The DA was impressed with the reports that I was able to show him proving she was a responsible driver for the past few months. Not only did he knock the charges down significantly but he even asked me for your website so that he could go home and order it for his eighteen year old daughter."
Monica Guidotti, Parent

"DriveOK helped me "train" my daughter to drive safely. As soon as my daughter obtained her driver's license, we installed it in our car and set a geo fence and a speed limit. At first we did not tell her that it was in the car.

Wow 100 mph on an expressway! We were frightened to death. We confronted her and then told her about DriveOK and the treat if she exceeded the speed limit by more than 5mph we would stop her insurance and take the car away. She broke the rule a couple of times, but over time slowed down and became a safer driver. She also got lost a couple of time and with our mobile phone we could pinpoint her and give her directions.

I believe that vehicle path should be required for ALL teenage drivers. Many states have license curfews. Vehicle should be a requirement paid for by an insurance reduction or rebate."

Chuck Less, Parent