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Program brings teen-driving message to East County
A program to educate teen drivers about some of the devastating consequences of driving while distracted was kicked off at Steele Canyon High School Monday.

The program uses a DVD that tells the stories of families touched by teen driving tragedies, posters, T-shirts, stickers and other informational materials to get the word out to young motorists, and to their parents as well, that taking your eyes off the road even for a few seconds can be lethal.
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Sweet Sixteen and Under Surveillance
Sleepless nights. Parents have plenty of them, especially in the beginning when they're up every few hours for late-night...But then they hit 15 and 16, and they're asking for mom's and dad's car keys.
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July Is Deadliest Month For Florida Teen Drivers
When it comes to teens behind the wheel in South Florida - July is the deadliest month. In a study of federal crash statistics, insurance claims data and U.S. Census bureau statistics on the rate of fatal crashes involving teens, Allstate Insurance found the deadliest driving days for Miami - Ft Lauderdale teens occur in the month of July.
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Gas prices leave teens driving less -- Oh the humanity!
It's possible that I'm becoming a cold-hearted miser but many of the stories about the havoc wreaked by rising gas prices and a recessionary environment strike me as, well, kind of funny in that they expose the culture of entitlement that has taken hold of our country. The New York Times reports that $4 gas has made this "the summer the cruising died" for many teenagers.
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Law bans talking and driving
California drivers will have to think twice before picking up their cell phones while on the road as two laws go into effect today which prohibit all drivers from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle. The two laws, SB 33 and SB 1613, were both written in an effort to reduce distracted driving collision and to promote safer driving habits among the millions of licensed drivers throughout California, according to a release by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
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Teens who speed may soon meet cars that tattle
Here's one way to get teen drivers off the cell phone: Make them hook it up to the speedometer and automatically text Mom and Dad whenever the car is speeding. The phones could conceivably keep track of such things as the number of passengers in the car, whether they're wearing seatbelts and even monitor the volume of the stereo.
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New Device Aims To Reduce Teen Driving Accidents
It's an uneasy feeling all parents eventually face: handing the car keys over to a teenage driver. A San Diego native's new invention aims to reduce those fears, but some question the real cost. The product will hit the market in two weeks.
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An Electronic Leash for Teen Drivers
Brian Aladesuyi, 17, of Kennesaw, Ga., took his father's new gold Jeep Liberty out for a spin, went farther from home than he was supposed to, and sped. But he figured his dad would never know because he was away on a business trip - in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

But using global-positioning-system (GPS) technology, his dad, Kayode, 47, shut down the Jeep's ignition when his son stopped the car at a friend's house.

"I decided to teach Brian a lesson," Aladesuyi says.

It worked.
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New law restricting teen driving in effect July 1
On July 1, Arizona's Teenage Driver Safety Act goes into effect, reshaping the teen driving world by restricting driving until age 18 before awarding a standard license.

The major changes are meant to cut down on the number of passengers young drivers carry and ensure they aren't driving past midnight.
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Teen driving class saves lives
The Ford Motor Company is looking for 200 Coachella Valley teenage drivers who want to improve their road skills for next week's free Driving Skills for Life Summer Camp at the Riverside County and National Date Festival Grounds in Indio.

The camp, held on Wednesday-Thursday, June 25-26, can accommodate 50 licensed teens ages 16-20 at each session, reinforces defensive driving skills.
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